Colour, colour and colour!....

Colour, colour and colour! This is what I feel best describes my work. I feel this is a reflection of me and my personality! .I first discovered my style during University, at Southampton. It was here I was taught to express myself through vivid and vibrant scenes while also exploring how to pack my images full of features and people. After university I carried on with this style and I really feel I have brought my style and technique forward. I am always improving, but I feel right now I am enjoying my work so much, and I think it shows in each and every one of my images. Childrens books have had a great influence on my work aswell. The child-like drawn people and bright colours add a sense of enjoyment to the image, and I just want my images to breed happiness and smiles. Every image I create is made with a passion and energy I feel that cannot be found just anywhere. I feel so lucky and priviliged to able to produce images like this for other people and the happiness they get by enjoying my images makes me proud to be an Illustrator.


I am currently represented by a wonderful Gallery in Central London, DegreeArt. Here I sell my work, which includes original paintings and Limited Edition Prints.


I am readily available for commisions and my clients have included magzines and individual clients looking for that something special.

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